Exhibition Halls

The World Festival Exhibition Halls are at the heart of the event. From live music and entertainment through to the vast selection of retail and food and beverages.

Every stage of the visitor’s experience has been thoughtfully mapped out to provide a reason for visitors to spend significant time at the event and to return again and again.

Occupying over 13,000m² of exhibition space, The World Festival exhibition halls will consist of 8 zones.

Each of the 8 zones will be accessed via a dedicate entrance, together with the zoned area, both of which will be themed to reflect the culture and history of the 8 countries, continents, and regions.

Main Stage

In the heart of the exhibition halls will be the Main Stage. This central feature of The World Festival will showcase weekly themed shows which will include, fashion and beauty, jewellery, perfumery, technology, and culture, as well as providing a platform for sponsors and participating country pavilions to promote their businesses and respective countries in an entertaining and informative style.

Cultural Stages

Within 4 of the zones; Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe, there will be a cultural stage which will showcase the respective countries and continents’ rich history and culture through live performances and educational workshops, all of which will be accessible to visitors.

All exhibitors and participating country pavilions will have the opportunity to benefit from these cultural stages to promote their businesses and countries.